Escaping in a good book is some of the best fun we can imagine.
When we were growing up, books were some of our best friends. Of course, we had the old fashioned paper kind. Now, with the Kindle it’s even more fun to read. Our mission to make parents aware of great books available to the young reader at a cheap price.
The prices are set by Amazon and we do our best to make sure you’re aware of free and cheap books as soon as they are available. That’s why the site is Daily Cheap Reads – because many of the prices change every day. No books on our site are priced over $5.
Junior Edition books are in four age categories: pre-school, children, tweens and teens. We rely on the publisher to identify the best age group for each book. We take seriously the responsibility having good reading material, so we will try to filter everything that goes on the site so that it is appropriate. If you find objectionable material, please let us know.
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