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Beach Day! Fun summer book for ages 1-4 – $1.00 0 comments

A little girl and her family take a trip to the beach for some fun in the sun. They play in the waves, build a sand castle, search for shells, and more. Grab your sunscreen, and let’s head to the beach!
Children ages 1-4 will enjoy this book. Buy it today for $1.00.
Click here to purchase Beach Day!

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Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go! – Kindle Fire book for ages 4-8 – $1.99 0 comments

Ding, ding. There’s nothing Pete the Cat loves to do more on a sunny day than ring his little bell and pedal fast on his bicycle. But on this sunny day, Turtle wants to race someone in his new car. Vroom, vroom! Pete and his bicycle are up for the challenge!
And when Pete crosses the finish line, he proves it’s not where you’re going that matters, it’s how groovy of a time you have getting there!
This Kindle Fire book is for readers ages 4-8 and is selling for $1.99 today.
Click here to purchase Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go!

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Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance – Adventures Beyond Dragon Mountain – Grades 3-6 – $1.99 0 comments

Beyond the great forest and towering Dragon Mountain lies Fairyland, a land of elves and trolls, dragons and giants, magicians and fairies. And in one corner, Fairyland East, lives Knight Kyle.
Kyle’s great-grandfather once possessed a silver lance that, according to legend, gave its owner invincible power. The lance is now missing, and Kyle is always looking for it, but so are his worst enemies: the robber Rasputin and the evil magician Balduin.
Luckily, Kyle has the help of his friends, including Lady Constance (who is as brave as a dragon), Dragobert (who really is a dragon), Elf Aurin (whose harp playing, unfortunately, puts Kyle to sleep), and Prince Nepomuk (who protects his friends and his wardrobe at all times).
Almost every day they find themselves in a new amazing adventure…
This book is for readers in grades 3-6 and is selling for $1.99 today.
Click here to purchase Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance

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Completely Clementine – Grades 1-3 – $1.99 0 comments

Summer is coming, and Clementine is not ready. She is not ready to start speaking to her father again, because she’s still mad at him for eating meat. Instead, she has to express her sadness by giving him drawings of animals she knows would not want to be somebody’s dinner. T
Then there is the new baby on the way. Clementine’s mom sure doesn’t seem ready. She’s suddenly crazy about cleaning (Dad says she is nesting), but she doesn’t even have a name picked out yet. Clementine just hopes the baby won’t be a dud.
What Clementine really isn’t ready for is saying good-bye to her third grade teacher. She knows Mr. D’Matz is going to tell her all kinds of things that aren’t true. Everything else may be changing around her, but that doesn’t mean that Clementine has. But which is worse, saying good-bye, or not saying good-bye?
Buy this fun book for readers in grades 1-3 for $1.99 today.
Click here to purchase Completely Clementine

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An Apple Pie For Dinner – Kindle Fire book for ages 5-8 – Only $1.00 0 comments

Granny Smith wants to bake an apple pie, but she doesn’t have any apples. So off she goes with a basketful of plums in hopes that she can make a trade. Granny swaps plums for feathers, feathers for flowers, flowers for a gold coin, a gold coin for a puppy, and a puppy for what she hoped to find in the first place–apples! Then she bakes a delicious apple pie for everyone she has met along the way. Based on an English folktale, each spread is meticulously illustrated in bas-relief made from baked clay, hand-sewn clothing, and mixed media.
An apple pie recipe are also included.
Readers in ages 5-8 will enjoy this Kindle Fire book that is selling for only $1.00 today.
Click here to purchase An Apple Pie For Dinner

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A Million Ways Home – A story about love, loss, and the unlikely places we find home for grades 4-6 – $1.99 0 comments

Poppy’s life has been turned upside down after her grandma (and guardian) had a stroke and ended up in the hospital. But Poppy is working on a plan to help Grandma Beth so their life together can go back to normal. But when she witnesses an armed robbery, “back to normal” slips even further out of her reach.
To keep Poppy safe, the budget-strapped police devise an unusual “witness protection program,” wherein Poppy will stay with Detective Brannigan’s mother. Soon Poppy is feeling almost at home, even making sort-of friends with a girl named Lizzie and definitely friending Gunner, a beautiful dog with an uncertain fate.
But it’s still not home. So while she and Lizzie navigate a rocky friendship and plot to save Gunner’s life, Poppy also tries to figure out a new plan to save Grandma Beth and their home, all while avoiding a dangerous robber who might be searching for her.
Buy this mystery written for readers in grades 4-6 for $1.99 today.
Click here to purchase A Million Ways Home

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The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country – Kindle Fire book for ages 4-8 – Just 99 cents 0 comments

The Bear family and their Bear Country neighbors celebrate the Fourth of July with a big parade. But not before the cubs get a lesson about the blessings of freedom for their country.
Buy this Kindle Fire book written for ages 4-8 for only 99 cents today.
Click here to purchase The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country

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Book Report: Holly’s Heart, Volume 1 – Five Novellas by Beverly Lewis 0 comments

Five stories about Holly and the trials of being a teenager: Best Friend, Worst Enemy; Secret Summer Dreams; Sealed With a Kiss; The Trouble With Weddings; and California Crazy. The storylines are for the young teen audience yet older teens would also enjoy this book. All five novellas are in one e-book file for $9.99.

Her mom calls her Holly Heart because she was born on Valentine’s Day. Her younger sister, Carrie, is her shadow and her best friend, Andie, is the exact opposite of Holly but yet they share the deepest of secrets. All the facets of a teenage world, including boys, first crushes, dads and step-dads, clothes, phones, jealousy are intertwined through the stories. When I read the stories I enjoyed the plot but also the way the author used everyday speech and happenings to bring the characters to life.

Even though I’m a middle-aged woman, I enjoyed the stories as they took me back to those days when I was a care-free teenager and how small things could become large crises. This would make great summer reading for any teen.

Click here to purchase Holly’s Heart, Volume 1
If you read this volume quickly, there are several more books of Holly’s Heart novellas:
Holly’s Heart, Volume 2 ($9.99 for 5 novellas): Second-Best Friend; Good-Bye Dressel Hills; Straight-A Teacher; No Guys Pact; and Little White Lies.
Holly’s Heart, Volume 3 ($9.99 for 4 novellas): Freshman Frenzy, Mystery Letters, Eight is Enough, and It’s a Girl Thing.

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Book Report: Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade 0 comments

Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade is an adorable look at little Posey’s woes and worries the summer before beginning the new-independence of first grade. Little Posey was a very believable and likable character, and the reading of this book was pretty timely for us, as Zack too, is finishing up Kindergarten and looking forward to beginning first grade in the fall.
I feel I must qualify just a bit, however, our perspective is a bit skewed on things pertaining to school, as we homeschool. So Zack will not have to face the anxiety of being left to walk down scary hallways by himself, or meeting new teachers, etc. (We both found ourselves being grateful that we don’t have to deal with these things as Posey did in the story!)
Although it is a “girl” book, we still very much enjoyed the story. That being said… Zack’s favorite part was when a couple of the neighborhood boys were teasing Posey about the “monster” and snakes that reside in the first-grade hall. Typical boy! 😉
Posey is a cute and spunky little girl who worries about the new changes that first grade can bring; yet she overcomes them beautifully while keeping in perfect character.
The best part of all, in our opinion, was after the story itself was completed. Then you get the chance to “interact” with Posey herself in a series of thought-provoking, but fun discussion questions. This book is definitely recommended for kiddos beginning that strange and scary time of changes that a new grade and a new class can bring.
Today Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade is selling for $4.99.

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Book Report: The Unfinished Gift – Christmastime in 1943 0 comments

Traditionally, the Christmas holiday is a time of family and togetherness. Tragically, Christmas can also be a time of uncertainty and anxiety.
Dan Walsh’s novel, The Unfinished Gift, is the story of Patrick, a seven-year-old boy whose mother has died in an automobile accident while his father is serving in the Army Air Corps in England during World War II. Christmas is just a few days away when the social worker is forced to leave Patrick with his only relative in Philadelphia – his estranged grandfather.
While Patrick is a mature little boy with insecurities and fears of his own, his grandfather is a cantankerous, bitter old man who doesn’t want his grandson reminding him of his failures as a father to his only son, Patrick’s father Shawn.
God, working through a neighbor, a box of belongings, an unlikely hero during a snowstorm, and an unfinished gift, draws the grandfather out of his self-imposed prison of despair.
Mr. Walsh’s writing style is engaging; the story moves along at a good pace. He reminds us of the social issues in 1940s America; the cruelties of war; and that little boys can have a very strong faith in God. This book is available to download on your Kindle for only $4.69. You may also need a box of tissues.
Click here to purchase The Unfinished Gift

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