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Why Do Leaves Change Color? – Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2 – Ages 5-9 – Just 99 cents 0 comments

Why do leaves turn from green to gold?
It’s fall! The leaves are changing color. This book explains the magical process of how leaves change their color in autumn. Also included are simple activities and places to visit so that you can enjoy the fall foliage with your family.
This Kindle Fire book is for ages 5-9 and is selling for only 99 cents today.
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Fly, Monarch! Fly! – Kindle Fire book for ages 5-8 – $1.00 0 comments

Join Minna, Pip, Mom, and Dad on a visit to Butterfly Place as they meet Bert the Butterfly Man. They hunt for monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars, and see the amazing change from pupa to adult monarch butterfly. They learn all about monarchs, metamorphosis, and monarch migration.
Nancy Elizabeth Wallace’s sunny cut-paper artwork and lively text entertain as they teach about one of nature’s most remarkable creatures. Suitable for children ages 5-8, this Kindle Fire book is selling for $1.00 today.
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Little Lost Tiger – Ages 4-8 – $1.00 0 comments

A mother Siberian tiger and her cub step silently into the forest, floating like mist in the moonlight. The mother nudges her cub beneath a fallen tree, then goes in search of food. Suddenly, there’s a roar louder than any tiger’s. Wind! Fire! The cub squeals for his mother, but the two are separated until the fiery danger has passed.
This Kindle Fire book is for readers ages 4-8 and is selling for only $1.00 today.
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Flamingo Sunset – Kindle Fire book for ages 5-8 – Only $1.00 0 comments

The female lays an egg. She and her mate take turns sitting on it to keep it warm. The egg hatches, and the parents feed the wobbly chick. When the young bird’s feathers grow in, it’s ready to fly. Off it flaps, a graceful shape against the setting sun.
A Kindle Fire book for early readers ages 5-8, this book isonly $1.00 today.
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Album of Horses – All about horses – Grades 2-5 – $1.99 0 comments

How did the Morgan horse get its name?
What are the differences between a Belgian and a Clydesdale?
Why are the Byerly Turk, Darley Arabian, and Godolphin Arabian so important?
Find the answers to these and many other intriguing questions in Marguerite Henry’s Album of Horses.
Marguerite Henry describes in vivid detail the hardworking Shire, the elegant Lipizzan, the spirited Mustang, and many more.
This book is for readers in grades 2-5 and is selling for $1.99 today.
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The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science: 64 Daring Experiments for Young Scientists – $1.99 0 comments

What could be more fun for kids than to have the kind of rip-roaring good time that harkens back to pre-video game, pre-computer days? Introducing 64 valuable science experiments that snap, crackle, pop, ooze, crash, boom, and stink! From Marshmallows on Steroids to Home-Made Lightning, the Sandwich Bag Bomb to Giant Air Cannon, The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science awakens kids’ curiosity while demonstrating scientific principles like osmosis, air pressure, and Newton’s Third Law of Motion.
Suitable for readers and young scientists in grades 3-9, this book is selling for $1.99 today.
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Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds: The Story of a Food Web – Grades 2-4 – $1.00 0 comments

Each spring, hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs crawl from the bottom of Delaware Bay to lay billions of pearly green eggs on the beaches. Their salty eggs provide a feast for scavenging coastal animals, but billions more are eaten by the flocks of shorebirds that stop to rest and feed each spring after flying north from their homes in South America.
In recent years the horseshoe crab population has dwindled. In turn, the number of shorebirds that fly north each year has grown smaller.
This Kindle Fire book is for readers in grades 2-4 and is selling for $1.00 today.
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Inside of a Dog — Young Readers Edition: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know – Ages 8-12 – $1.99 0 comments

Want to know what dogs are thinking? What they feel, and what they can spell with that great big nose of theirs?
Here’s your chance to experience the world nose first, from two feet off the ground. What do dogs know, and how do they think? The answers will surprise and delight you as dog owner and scientist Alexandra Horowitz explains how our four-legged friends perceive their daily worlds, each other, and us! This book is as close as you can get to knowing about dogs without being a dog yourself.
This book is for ages 8-12 and is selling for $1.99 today.
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Storm Song – A family book for ages 3-6 – $1.00 0 comments

As thunder and lightning approach, a family gathers inside to play, sing, eat, and snuggle together until the weather clears. This sweet story captures both the excitement of a thunderstorm and the reassurance children need during a storm. The lively, rhythmic text mimics the storm sounds while the bold, playful art conveys this special family time.
A fun book for ages 3-6, Storm Song is selling for only $1.00 today.
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Two quick picks: Bindi’s Wildlife Adventures – Grades 3-6 – Just 99 cents each 0 comments

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