Want a fantasy book that is doesn’t overwhelm you with a long tale? The Goblin Brothers Adventures is seven stories in one book. Same characters, different tales – and all for only 99 cents!
Written by Lindsay Buroker, The Goblin Brothers, Malagach,11, and Gortok, 10, are typical brothers, doing the things that brothers do. But these two are goblins and not your typical goblins. They like to read, tinker and invent, and as boys do, get into tight situations calling for them to use their resources and quick minds. These goblin tales also carry a truth or lesson we can all learn from, such as “Freedom isn’t something other people give you, it’s something you make for yourself.”

The author’s descriptions of the goblin village are so vivid you can almost see the Gortok hiding from the fair-haired humans among the fern frond. Because you see, goblins are not good warriors, nor great hunters but they are good hiders and scavengers. Buy the book, enjoy the tales, besides who can resist those pointy little ears?

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