This book would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library! Story by story the familiar texts are very well retold in language easily understandable by children. Most children’s bible story books hit the highlights… you know, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Abraham and Isaac, David and Goliath, etc. etc. etc. but this book is exactly what it says it is… the complete text, including those obscure, little-remembered stories that are still so meaningful.

A definite plus, there are instances of some necessary editing having been done, to make the stories “kid friendly”, for example, the story of Lot in Sodom, the story refers to “bad men” without adding the unnecessary (for children!) details of exactly how the men were bad from the biblical account.

It would be wonderful if there were some sort of discussion questions at the end of each story to help the child assimilate what they’ve just read/heard, but that’s something mom/dad can come up with.

There are no illustrations in this book, which is somewhat of a disappointment, seeing as the stories are wonderfully rewritten for children in mind… I definitely think having some pictures would help with the “interest” factor. Keeping that in mind, I would say this book of stories is geared more toward the 5 and up range. It is our current book for “bible time” each evening, and though it is on the long side, Zack still has not shown any indication he’d like to read anything else…! That’s a definite thumbs up!

This children’s Bible story book is nearly 300 pages long and is selling today for only $1.99.

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