What a CUTE and CLEVER book!
The book description: Join Miss Harper’s class in the wildly creative puppet show entitled Moink. All readers and listeners are encouraged to participate. The title refers to what happens to the sound that a cow and pig make when they somehow “crash” together and become a brand new animal.
Through a very simple storyline, (almost not even a story really!) Moink had both my kiddos, Zack (5) and Missy (2) giggling at the combination of sounds presented by the puppeteers.
The contrast on the pictures was a bit too dark in some spots, making it a bit hard to tell that the story is being presented by children/puppeteers, but this does not affect the overall feel of the book, (and of course, it didn’t matter at all to the kids!) The animals were clear enough, and that was the main point of the story anyway.
This is one that we’ll be returning to again, the giggle-factor is too good to pass up. Any child able to recognize his/her basic animal sounds will appreciate this one! Definitely good for kiddos as young as 18 months if they know their sounds, and possibly up to 6 or even older would enjoy it. (A fair word of warning, however, you may have sound-imitators among those in the older bunch!) This story may even inspire some to put on a puppet show or two! 🙂
Enjoy! Dee
Click here to purchase Moink for only 99 cents!