Hailey Twitch is curious young girl who likes to have fun – which leads to all kinds of trouble.
Hailey knows she won’t be having much fun when she is assigned Addie Jokobeck as partner for the international foods festival because Addie is a rule monger.
Then, Hailey discovers Maybelle, a sprite who lives in her dollhouse. Maybelle is on probation from the Kingdom of Magic until she learns how to have fun.
Maybelle’s idea of fun, however, seems to be causing all sorts of problems for Hailey. When the list of partners for the international festival gets thrown in the trash, it looks like Hailey may suffer the consequences.
This is a funny book with wonderful drawings. The ending was more of a set up for the next book in the series rather than a satisfying conclusion. Hailey is in 2nd grade, although this chapter book is probably better suited for third and fourth grade readers. I got the book when it was offered free. The price is now $5.38.
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