Hello, You!
So . . . this book is full of stuff I’ve always wondered about . . .Like:
• Did Miss Mary Mack have friends who liked other colors?
• Could everything important about the world be summarized in a poem that rhymes?
• How do Moms always know when you’re about to sneak a cookie?
• Who hid something under the Tooth Fairy’s pillow when she was a little girl?
Inside you will find stories, short poems, lists, palindromes, visual treats, and random observations. Some parts are happy, some sad-ish, some silly, some serious, some crunchy, some with a soft center.
You can open the book up anywhere and read. So the beginning could be the end, and the end could be the beginning. But I guess the middle is always the middle. . . .
P.S. aren’t Paul’s drawings the best?!
This book is for children ages 4-8 and is selling for $1.99 today.
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