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While vacationing on an island with her parents, a young girl must overcome her greatest fear in order to rescue the local animals and sea life from the magical curse of a villainous toad. Beloved by fans for her beautifully written stories and interesting characters, Rusalka Reh has penned yet another fun and fantastical tale that is sure to enchant young readers the world over.
When Kat’s mom suggests a family vacation to the beach, her ten-year-old daughter is less than thrilled. Kat is terrified of the water.
Yet from the moment they arrive, Kat senses there is something very unusual about the island. Her hunch turns out to be right: moments after discovering a strange whistle in the surf, she realizes she can hear the island’s animals talking to her. She doesn’t understand why…until a dolphin known as the Water Knight tells her about a curse cast upon the island by a villainous toad. Only a child can break the spell and only during a special full moon that shines once every forty years. But to do so, she must dive down into the toad’s lair, deep beneath the ocean’s dark waters.
Readers in grades 4-7 will enjoy this book that is selling today for only 99 cents today. Audiobook: $1.99.
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