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It all starts the summer Christy turns 15. She leaves Wisconsin and spends her vacation with her wealthy aunt and uncle in Newport Beach, California. That’s where she meets Todd, the surfer with the screaming silver blue eyes who changes her life forever.
Find out what happens when Christy’s parents make an announcement that puts Christy in a new high school at the start of her sophomore year.
A red-headed new best friend, a try at cheerleading, a job at a pet store, and expectations for the prom fill Christy’s high school years with a string of laughter-and-tears moments.
Fireball Katie keeps everyone guessing what she’ll do next. Todd keeps showing up and saying just the right thing while popular Rick is determined to convince Christy she should go out with him.
As these memorable years unfold, Christy and her”peculiar treasure” friends draw close to each other in the good times and the bad. Love grows and hearts are knit together for eternity.
This inspirational bundle is for teens and is selling for just $1.99 today.
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